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Founders are Chief Believer Officers

When you start a company, you do every job in the business. As you add employees, you stop doing a few things yourself and hire others to do them. For companies that grow big enough, your team members eventually do all of the day-to-day functions of the business. What...

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Find the Right Funding

When savvy founders with real businesses ask me if they should raise money from investors, my first response is always the same: “Don’t raise money right now. Wait a little longer and gut it out.” I know they desperately need additional cash to fuel product...

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Keep moving forward

Last year I met with over 300 founders and CEOs, worked deeply inside 30 businesses all over the U.S., and spoke to thousands of people at conferences and events. Despite that, my own business wasn’t a cakewalk and many things didn’t work out the way I had planned. My...

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How I became Greg Head from Egghead

In 1987, I returned to the Chicago area with a newly minted liberal arts degree in economics, with honors, from the University of Iowa. I had no clue how I was going to enter the adult world and get a real job. During a few interviews, I felt totally uncomfortable and...

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Startups should be called “experiments”

My 23-year-old son Ethan is the co-founder of a software startup that has taken him from San Jose, California to Manila, Philippines to New York City. He put his electrical engineering degree on the shelf to start his company, called Groundwork, almost a year ago....

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The biggest myth about marketing

All of us experience marketing all day long, almost everywhere we look. Surprisingly, this causes most people think they understand the marketing game. That’s like eating a nice meal at a restaurant and proclaiming you can cook it yourself and run the restaurant. “I’m...

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Hard lines create long lines

When I see a movie or a painting, I see the result of what someone created. I don’t think much about how it was made. I don’t understand it like someone who studied art or made a movie. When I see a website, ad, sales pitch or product design, I don’t just see it for...

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Entrepreneurs figure it out

I’ve noticed something that all successful entrepreneurs say when they are interviewed about how they grew their crazy startups into big businesses. You also hear it in interviews with Olympic gold medal athletes. And when successful individuals talk about their...

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