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My 3 Favorite New Productivity Hacks

As an independent advisor and consultant to CEOs of growing companies, my days are very different from the software executive game I played for over 25 years. In addition to client meetings, advisory calls and running my business, I'm working on a book, blogging...

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The Thing is Never Just the Thing

The product your customers evaluate, purchase, use and talk about is not just the product you deliver to them. The actual product is critically important, but it’s not the “whole product” in the eyes of your customer. There’s more to the story, and it has to be...

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Startup Founders Need to Say No More Often

Creating a new venture and surviving the brutal startup phase often feels like a negotiation in which you need to say Yes to everyone just to survive. This is the fastest way to end up in startup purgatory – you get started but you get stuck on your way to scalable...

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Greg Head’s Next Exciting Adventure

After almost five years, Friday, October 30, 2015 was my last day at Infusionsoft. It has been an honor to be part of several exciting phases of growth at Infusionsoft and to accomplish world-changing contribution with so many passionate and talented people. I’ve been...

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The Freak Show is Never in the Main Tent

Even though I am 46 years old and live 1500 miles away from my Dad, not a week goes by when I don’t hear his voice in my head telling one of his many stories about business, marketing or management. We still talk weekly, but I am most often reminded of these stories...

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Every CEO Needs to Know Digital Marketing Basics

Remember the old days when marketing resulted in printed material you could touch and feel? Just 10 years ago, the majority of marketing artifacts included printed brochures, product packaging, magazine advertisements and direct mail letters. Stuff you could hold in...

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Rule #1 – Make a Great Freaking Product

Imagine a world where people don’t listen to what your business says about your new product: they only listen to what other people say. A world where there are hundreds (or thousands) of choices for almost every product. Where every buyer has free and instant access...

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The Target Market Trap

Ambitious entrepreneurs naturally aim to create large companies in large markets. They make their plans, build their newfangled products, assemble scrappy teams and then set out on their holy quests to be big winners. But most startups don’t make it very far — most...

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The Basic Elements of the Angel Investor Pitch

Angel investors regularly hear pitches from local entrepreneurs who need money for their growing startups. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs don't succeed in their first meeting with potential investors. How can you be more successful with your fundraising...

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