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If you’re serious about scaling your startup, Scaling Point can help.

Scaling Point helps tech founders take their companies from startup to scale-up using our proven system for creating marketing that works to help you grow faster.  Over 200 companies around the world have used the Scaling Point system to accelerate growth and align their teams.

Greg Head

Greg had a successful 30-year career in the software business as the marketing leader at three great startups that grew to global scale in the CRM industry: ACT!, SalesLogix and Infusionsoft. He has helped grow two companies to $100 million in revenues as a chief marketing officer, president, or product leader. He is the creator of the Scaling Point system which has been used by hundreds of companies around the world. Greg has advised thousands of startup founders and tech CEOs as a consultant, advisor, mentor, or board member.

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Katrena Drake

Katrena Drake is a Growth Strategist with Scaling Point where she helps improve the company’s internal operations as well as working with client companies through the growth journey. Earlier in her career, Katrena was a co-founder and senior executive of Firehost (now called Armor Defense), a VC-funded secure web hosting company that has become a leading global cybersecurity and compliance solutions provider with over 300 employees. She used the Scaling Point system numerous times from startup to scale and saw firsthand how they enable scalable growth.

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Donna Hacker

Donna Hacker is the Operations Manager at Scaling Point. Day to day, she coordinates all client administration and organizes Scaling Point workshops and private events.

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The Gregslist Project

Gregslist.com is the up-to-date list of local software companies that is used by thousands of founders, tech execs, investors, job seekers, and community leaders each month. Greg and the Scaling Point team publish and update this list each month.

Gregslist is available for software communities in Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Salt Lake City, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Austin. More cities are planned in 2020.

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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing That Isn’t Working

Align Your Entire Team Around the Right Marketing Strategy Now

A clearer path to scale

“LawLytics struggled with educating lawyers about the differences between our service and two different sets of competitors. We had a better product and had amassed hundreds of enthusiastic users. But each new law firm needed to be educated separately, by a senior company leader, about the paradigm shift that is LawLytics. It was not scalable.

Scaling Point helped us get focus and get real about what was working and what wasn’t. The result was a clear path forward with both our customers and our team. Our sales have increased measurably, our time to close sales has decreased, and our customers are more aligned and experiencing success with our system sooner. We are all on the same page, and all working together with purpose. “

Dan Jaffe

Founder and CEO, LawLytics