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Greg Head

Experienced Entrepreneur and Advisor
Greg had a successful 30-year career in the software business as the marketing leader at three great startups that grew to global scale in the CRM industry: ACT!, SalesLogix and Infusionsoft (Keap). He has helped grow two startups to $100 million in revenues as a chief marketing officer, president, or product leader. 

Greg has helped over 4,000 software founders and early-stage investors in the last 5 years as an active mentor and connector. He has worked intensely with over 100 founders as an advisor or consultant.

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“Our software startup was a classic case of ‘complexity doesn’t scale.’ Our message took too long to understand and everything in our business was too complicated. We got crystal clear on our category, our target customer, and our key benefits relative to our competition in our Scaling Point workshop. Everything got way easier to execute in the business after that.”

Scott DesGrosseillier

CEO & Founder, Wicked Reports

“We have a tech-enabled service that worked great and I knew how to sell it, but we needed to grow faster with marketing. Going through the Scaling Point process helped us to create a simpler, stronger story that sells even faster. As crazy as it sounds, the simpler we make our message, the faster we grow.”

Casey Graham

CEO, Gravy