Scaling Point helps companies go from startup to scale-up by
finding the hidden leverage point to drive serious growth.

Discover your company’s Scaling Point.

You’re sometimes called crazy for having such a big vision when your business is still small. Creating a successful new product and a fast-growing company is possible, but it’s still very rare.  There are many ways to get stuck in the growth journey. And it’s much harder than anyone told you it would be.

I’m Greg Head, founder and CEO of Scaling Point. As a strategic growth consultant to founders of early-stage growth companies, I will help you grow your business to the next level to create much more valuable and sustainable company.  

Working closely with you and your team, we will create a powerful Go-To-Market strategy for your business that will scale, we will simplify and strengthen your messaging, and we’ll get your business back to growing fast. There is a structure to the scaling-up game, it’s just not obvious when you’re starting out (or when your company is already big).

After a successful 30-year career in software, I have helped founders of over 50 companies in the U.S. and Europe to successfully make the transition from crazy “ADD” startup to scaling up with confidence. I only work with A-player founders who think big and have truly innovative products or services.

The Scaling Point in Action

NPE discovered their Scaling Point and used it to solve HUGE frustrations in the business to clear the way to take their global business to the next level.

USEED’s CEO discovered their Scaling Point and used it (just two days later) to get a great response from the “best funding pitch I ever did…”

Infusionsoft discovered their Scaling Point and used it to grow from $15 million to $100 million in five years without significantly changing the product.

Scaling Point Programs

For early stage growth CEOs and owners running $500K-$10M companies, the Scaling Point is the single biggest point of leverage that can quickly create serious growth.



Scaling Point Foundations is an intensive consulting program for ambitious startups to clearly define your scalable business and how to create the next level of growth.




Scaling Point Leverage is an intensive consulting program for companies with more than $1 million in revenues to strengthen your messaging and Go-To-Market strategy so you can grow faster and align your entire team.


Get the $150 Million Pitch Deck Template


The $150 Million Pitch Deck Template is designed to solve a problem most founders never solve. What’s the problem? Presenting your company in a way that makes it easy for an investor to say, “Yes.”

This template contains the core elements that investors expect you to cover when you first present your company. And it’s been used to raise over $150 million in venture capital funding.

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