I’m Greg Head. As an advisor to CEOs and founders of early-stage software companies all over the country, I will help you grow your business to the next level to create a much more valuable and sustainable company.

Greg Head

Greg Head

CEO of Scaling Point

I’m Greg Head, CEO of Scaling Point and creator of the Scaling Point system. Working closely with you and your team, we will create a powerful Go-To-Market strategy for your business that will scale, we will simplify and strengthen your messaging, and we’ll get your business back to growing fast. There is a proven structure to the scaling-up game, it’s just not obvious when you’re starting out–and it’s hard to see from inside your business when you’re in the firefight. 

I have been using these tools for 30 years inside three software companies we grew from startup to global scale. I have also worked closely with over 200 founders to help them grow their companies and realize their crazy visions.