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How I got great PR results on the second try

Public Relations is one of the trickier parts of the marketing game. It’s not like digital advertising or email marketing, where you can push a button and make measurable things happen right away. A year ago, I hired a savvy PR agency to book me for speaking, podcast...

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Beware the Startup ADD Trap

Discovering and executing on your Scaling Point is a necessary requirement for growing a little company into a big one. But why is it so rare? There are two reasons why Startup ADD is an almost universal disease that is very hard to cure. First, starting up requires...

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Sorry, not all startups should be funded

Surprised at how hard it is to raise funds for your startup or growing business? Almost every entrepreneur I know who has tried to raise money is surprised by the incredible amount of time, effort and energy needed to raise equity capital. Some actually do raise money...

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Think you’ve hit a wall? It’s only the next step.

Like most entrepreneurs who are trying to achieve big things, I pay attention to what’s working and what’s not. Some things are working pretty well for me, so I keep doing them. Other things are not working so well. I’m struggling or stuck. What used to work no longer...

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How a startup founder fixed his investor pitch

Last week I helped the founder of a software company with his 15-slide presentation for potential investors. His senior leadership team was there to contribute. We had already done the work on their focus strategy and growth plan, so the pieces were falling into place...

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Your business is defined by what you say no to

Your audience doesn’t always hear you as clearly as you think they do. What your business is and why it exists may be clear in your head, but most entrepreneurs are surprised when they ask their prospects, customers and even their own employees to describe their...

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