The Scaling Point system

Overcome your biggest roadblocks to growth. Scale up with confidence.

What worked to get your startup going is almost the opposite of what is needed to grow faster.
The Scaling Point System helps you make the key decisions that will accelerate your business the fastest.

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Here’s the biggest reason why serious startups don’t scale up.

In May 2021, I was interviewed on the AZ Tech Podcast by my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Hamid Shojaee. We talked about the biggest traps that ambitious founders face in growing from startup to scale.

Above All, Clarity

Startup companies that grow big became  known as the best at something important for someone specific, but they could have gone other directions. We help you define exactly who you serve and what exactly your thing is for them so your team can align and execution can improve.

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For Founders There is a Way Up

The Scaling Point System


What exactly is the product or service you sell? 


Of all the amazing things your product can do for someone, which is the single most important? 

Target Customer

Who exactly are your best customers and how do you find more like them?


How is your product uniquely better than your specific competitors and alternatives?


What do you care about that is truly part of your product and your message?


Why should a skeptical user believe you and buy from you?

The Scaling Point System includes six strategic elements that work together to define your clear positioning strategy and your best product-market focus. Getting to simple is hard when you are in the firefight growing your business.

We didn’t invent these six elements. They are laws of nature positioning and marketing strategies that have been around for years. The Scaling Point System is a proven, practical approach that works for startups and entrepreneurs.

Results In One Quarter

“After our session, our execution plans became night and day different. More clarity, speed, and focus. Since his involvement we raised more capital, relaunched our brand, and secured our biggest sales win to date. All in only one quarter!”

Dave Albertson
Founder and CEO, Shelvspace

You don’t need more spending and more effort.

You need a better marketing strategy that works. 

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Our sales have increased dramatically

Dave Lee, CEO, PlusThis

“If you had asked my leadership team what we stood for a month ago, you’d have gotten different answers from everyone. Going through the Scaling Point system helped us see that you must be one thing to a particular set of people. That’s how you win.”