The Scaling Point Workshop is now conducted online using Zoom

The Scaling Point Workshop

The Scaling Point Workshop is an intensive workshop for startup CEOs and their leaders to come together to examine, refine, decide, and align on the product-market focus and the marketing strategy to drive the next level of growth in their companies.

When you need this workshop

Your product works,
but your marketing doesn’t

Only your savvy CEO
can sell your product

Every team member describes
your products differently

You want to pivot your strategy
but you don’t know how

What you’ll get out of this workshop

 A product-market focus

A clear message that sells

Team alignment and clarity

Prioritized marketing tactics

Faster revenue growth

A powerful company story

Workshop Details

Who is it for?

The Scaling Point workshop is for Founders, CEOs, and leaders of startups or early-stage technology businesses with in-market products or services and revenues between $250K and $2M. It’s for the crazy ones who have created something new and valuable but are struggling to find product-market fit and grow to the next level. 

Who is it not for?

This workshop is not for startups that don’t have a product or service or customers yet. And it’s not for big companies that are already scaled up. 

What you will get

You and your team will learn and execute the Scaling Point system in remote workshop sessions using Zoom. You will understand and answer the hard positioning questions that enable you to create a clear message, align your team, and move your company beyond the scrappy survival to repeatable growth.

How much does it cost?

The intensive Scaling Point private workshop is $2,500 per company for the CEO/founder and unlimited team members. This includes pre-workshop preparation calls and post-workshop coaching calls.

The Scaling Point Workshop in Action

The Scaling Point workshop will reveal your most powerful strategic levers, clarify your message, and align your entire team. We currently offer this private company workshop online via Zoom.


A clearer path to scale

“LawLytics struggled with educating lawyers about the differences between our service and two different sets of competitors. We had a better product and had amassed hundreds of enthusiastic users. But each new law firm needed to be educated separately, by a senior company leader, about the paradigm shift that is LawLytics. It was not scalable.

Scaling Point helped us get focus and get real about what was working and what wasn’t. The result was a clear path forward with both our customers and our team. Our sales have increased measurably, our time to close sales has decreased, and our customers are more aligned and experiencing success with our system sooner. We are all on the same page, and all working together with purpose. “

Dan Jaffe

Founder and CEO, LawLytics