Market Leadership Foundations I workshop

Phoenix, Arizona, June 20, 2019

  • Accelerate growth
  • Align your team
  • Add the next $1 million in sustainable revenue even faster

In the Market Leadership Foundations I workshop, we help you answer the hard questions necessary to help you move your company faster from the scrappy early stage into the repeatable growth stage where your best customers will line up for what you sell.

Event Details

  • Full-day workshop on Thursday, June 20, 2019, from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
  • Breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snacks provided
  • Galvanize Phoenix Pima Classroom, 515 E Grant St, Phoenix, Arizona

The reception has been amazing, as founders deliberately transition their companies from crazy startup mode to become scalable market leaders. It’s a critical turn that every scaled-up and successful company has to make.

By attending this intensive workshop, you will:

  • Add the next $1 million in sustainable revenue faster than ever
  • Define your product or service specialty and declare a specific category to lead
  • Identify and prioritize your most powerful target customer profiles to increase conversion in sales and marketing
  • Clarify your vision to align employees, investors, and partners and improve execution at every level

The Market Leadership Foundations workshop is for you, if you have:

  • A capable product and lots of activity but your growth is stuck or slowing
  • Difficulty explaining your product or service simply and lose deals to the competition
  • Bad-fit customers who waste your time and churn out
  • Team members who are confused, misaligned and telling different stories
  • An expert founder who is still required to close most new deals
  • Problems raising money or recruiting top talent
  • No clue how to invest in marketing that will scale

Who should attend the Marketing Leadership Foundations workshop?

  • CEOs and leaders of businesses with live products or services and revenue between $500,000 and $5MM
  • Leadership teams of businesses that have the potential to grow exponentially
  • Founders who are considering a seed or Series A investment round

Through consulting with hundreds of crazy entrepreneurs from all over the country in the last few years, the Scaling Point Process and strategy framework for growth were developed. It’s a structured process that works every time, across any industry for businesses with less than $5MM in revenue.


  • $1,500 for first three attendees, $500 for each additional attendee
  • RSVP to Donna Hacker [email protected] by Friday, June 14

About Scaling Point and Greg Head

Scaling Point helps companies successfully grow from startup to scale-up by finding the unique leverage inside their businesses that propels them to the next level of revenue growth.

Over 200 companies around the world have used the Scaling Point system to accelerate growth and align their teams. Less than half of them have required outside investment. Institutional funding can be helpful, but it’s not always required to create a valuable market-leading business and realize your big vision.

Workshop leader Greg Head is the founder and CEO of Scaling Point. Greg had a successful career for 30 years in the software business. He was a senior executive during the startup and growth stages of three great companies which have created over $2 billion in total revenue in the CRM software industry: ACT!, SalesLogix and Infusionsoft. He has advised thousands of startup founders and small business owners as a consultant, advisor, mentor or board member.