The 13 Essential Slides in a Great Investor Pitch Deck [PDF EBOOK]

by | May 28, 2017

This pitch deck template contains the core elements that investors expect you to cover when you first present your company. Miss one of these key elements and your story is incomplete.

Fortunately, these elements are the same whether you are raising money from angel investors or raising big money from venture capital firms. And, the outline is the same whether you are presenting your company in 60 seconds, 20 minutes or three hours.

Download the 13 Essential Slides of a Great Investor Pitch Deck

Your presentation must be simple, it must be clear, it must be complete. And the story you tell has to be positioned in a way that makes it easy for investors to say, “Yes.” Most founders tell a story that only leads to more questions.

The approach you find in the deck template below will ensure you don’t miss any important steps. The template has been used to raise over $150 million in venture capital funding. It has helped dozens of companies raise angel and seed funding rounds.

You can forget fancy PowerPoint slides, dynamite demo, and a tremendous track record. If you can’t tell a simple and compelling story about your business, you won’t get past first base with an investor.

The 13 Essential Slides in a Great Investment Pitch Deck

1. Purpose
2. Problem
3. Market
4. Product
5. Technology
6. Competition
7. Go-To-Market
8. Business Model
9. Financials
10. Traction
11. Team
12. Investment
13. Summary

You don’t have to use these exact names as the titles of your slide, but you do need to cover each of these topics and answer key questions.

Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs don’t tell a story that includes simple answers to key questions that investors must answer. Most startup CEOs don’t do this well even though the basic elements of a compelling investor pitch are freely available and have been common practice for years.

I have also included the top 103 common questions you will need to address in your pitch, Q&A time, and in the discussions that will follow. If you’ve got a great business that is worthy of investment, then you will be able to answer the long list of standard questions that every investor will ask. There are very few surprise questions.

Download the 13 Essential Slides of a Great Investor Pitch Deck

Remember that raising money is not actually the real game. Building a company that can serve customers, grow and change the world is the actual game. But getting investors is an important and sometimes necessary means to the end of growing a great business.

If you can, you should just create a business so good you don’t need outside investors. Those are the companies that investors really want to invest in anyway.

Download the 13 Essential Slides of a Great Investor Pitch Deck