Scaling Point Success Stories


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Infusionsoft was a fast-growing software startup in our early days. By 2010, we hit a plateau after growing to about $15 million in revenue with over 100 employees. Greg worked closely with me and our executive team and led us through the Scaling Point process. He then helped rally the entire company to get involved and we discovered our Scaling Point. 

We went from $15 million in revenue to $100 million in revenue in 5 years, growing our team to over 500 employees. We raised nearly $100 million new venture capital during that time and became the hottest tech company in Phoenix. 

I highly recommend Greg and his Scaling Point process to any serious early-stage business that wants to scale up and grow big.

Clate Mask

Co-Founder and CEO, Infusionsoft


After 11 years in business and growing into 3 offices and 50+ staff around the world, we got stuck. Our team was struggling to effectively speak about the company. Ask 10 people who we were and what we did and you’d get 10 different answers. Greg spent a day with our team listening and guiding us through the Scaling Point process to redefine how we speak about and the world perceives our brand.

Since we went through the Scaling Point process with Greg, we have totally revamped our branding, positioning, messaging, funnel strategy, websites, and more. Our clients, team, and partners continue to become more aligned each week around our single big idea. And we’ve learned an incredible framework we use daily to continue evolving and iterating our company positioning and messaging as needed.

Sean Greeley

Founder and CEO, NPE


It was my first experience raising startup capital, and I was struggling to craft an investor pitch that converted. My deck was 30+ slides and for the life of me, I could not figure out a way to simplify the narrative, capture the imagination of investors, and leave with a “yes” or “let’s discuss further.” I was, admittedly, overwhelmed and in need of a solution, quick.

To refine our investor narrative, Greg walked us through his Scaling Point Strategy Wheel. Right away it was clear – this framework was valuable well beyond our investor deck. It was an exceptionally simple and effective tool to define the most important aspects of our company.

I can vividly remember the look of relief and excitement on my colleagues faces throughout and leaving the workshop. Everyone left empowered with the tool and confidence to communicate clearly about our company, regardless of the stakeholder. Greg’s Scaling Point framework simply works. We now use it as a guide to preparing board strategy presentations to delivering sales presentations to new prospects.

We now have an engaged pipeline of investors and have closed half of our raise. To my delight, recently after pitching an investor circle, an angel investor says to me, “Walking into your presentation, I had written off your investment… Education? No way. After hearing your pitch, I’m going to take a look at your deal.” 

Ross Sylvester



Our team was feeling exciting yet overwhelmed with all the things needed to grow our company from startup to an enterprise growth company. In one day, Greg’s Scaling Point framework energized our entire team and made everyone realize the path to success was not doing more tasks, but doing less with greater focus and clarity.

In less than one quarter after our session, our execution plans became night and day different. More clarity, speed, and focus, which has translated to more confidence internally, and greater traction externally. Since his involvement we raised more capital, relaunched our brand, and secured our biggest sales win to date………..all in only one quarter!!

Dave Albertson

Founder and CEO, Shelvspace


My business helps brands clarify their story to amplify their impact. But I had difficulty focusing my own story for the same reason dentists don’t drill on themselves. I was too close to it. Greg came in and guided me through his Scaling Point framework.

What clarity for me! Now, my marketing and life are easier. I’m attracting the right clients – leaders of purpose-driven organizations. And my business is growing exponentially.

Park Howell

Founder and CEO, The Business of Story


LawLytics struggled with educating lawyers about the differences between our service and two different sets of competitors. We had a better product and had amassed hundreds of enthusiastic users. But each new law firm needed to be educated separately, by a senior company leader, about the paradigm shift that is LawLytics. It was not scalable. Scaling Point helped us get focus and get real about what was working and what wasn’t. The result was a clear path forward with both our customers and our team. I was grateful for the focus (which I had struggled with for years), and it made me feel confident in our future and ready to charge ahead.

Our sales have increased measurably, our time to close sales has decreased, and our customers are more aligned and experiencing success with our system sooner. There has also been a noticeable positive shift in our company culture. We are all on the same page, and all working together with purpose. 

Dan Jaffe

Founder and CEO, LawLytics


DHR has been a successful business, but revenue and customer growth was flat for the last few years. Although we were profitable, the lack of growth was frustrating. We knew we were not communicating our message to prospects. Our salespeople were were saying different things and our website desperately needed improvement.

During our one-day Scaling Point workshop, the team understood that we were not conveying a focused, consistent and COMPELLING message to the world. We did the work and became clear about the customers were were targeting and our specific story for them. After that meeting, everyone in the company was committed to our focus and we knew exactly what we should be telling to our prospects and clients.

We started moving faster than we had in years” The pipeline started filling and we started growing again!

Jim Valenzuela

President and CEO, Diversified Human Resources