How to Pitch Your Company to Investors and VCs

Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs don’t tell a story that includes the simple answers to key questions that investors must answer. Most startup CEOs don’t do this well even though the basic elements of a compelling investor pitch are freely available and have been common practice for years.

Every angel investor (or VC) needs to hear you address key elements to consider investing in your company. Miss even ONE of these and you will miss out.

You can forget fancy PowerPoint slides, dynamite demo and tremendous track record. If you can’t tell a simple and compelling story about your business, you won’t get past first base with an investor.

Even if you’re not raising money, this template will lead you to a new level of clarity about your company and how to communicate that to your customers and clients.

The approach you find in the deck template below will ensure you don’t miss any important steps. The template has been used to raise over $150 million in venture capital funding. It has helped dozens of companies raise angel and seed funding rounds.